Pendekar Bujang Lapok (1959) [Full Movie]

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Pendekar Bujang Lapok (1959)

Starring: P. Ramlee, S. Shamsuddin & Aziz Sattar.

Ramli, Sudin and Ajis are in the middle of travelling and are waiting at a jetty for a boat to arrive and lead them across the river. The boat company is owned by a rich man named Ahmad Nisfu, who uses thugs to run the business and keep "commoners" in line. The thugs only allow certain people to take the boats early, while others have to wait a long time. An old man named Pendekar Mustar wants to cross the river, but he is ill-treated by the thugs. When he continues to insist to be allowed to cross the river, he is dragged away to be beaten up, but he defeats all the younger and more well-built thugs successfully.

Ramli, Sudin and Ajis are impressed by Pendekar Mustar's abilities and decide to follow him. They eventually meet Pendekar Mustar face-to-face and request that they be taught silat, the martial art that Pendekar Mustar used to defeat the thugs. Pendekar Mustar welcomes the boys and starts to teach them the art of silat, only to find out that they are all illiterate. He sends them to school where Pendekar Mustar's daughter, Ros, teaches them how to learn to read and write.

Later, Ahmad Nisfu arrives at Pendekar Mustar's house with his thugs. He wants to claim damages for the ruckus that Pendekar Mustar caused, but before he can ask for them, he sees Ros, changes his mind, and then asks Pendekar Mustar for her hand in marriage. Pendekar Mustar refuses, and the bujang lapok trio chase the thugs away.

One night, Pendekar Mustar sends the boys to meditate at a nearby cemetery. He says that whatever happens, the boys must concentrate on their training. Coincidentally, on that night itself Ahmad Nisfu's thugs kidnap Ros. They pass the cemetery but the boys ignore her, thinking that it is just another test. It takes Pendekar Mustar's wife to convince the boys to rescue Ros from Ahmad Nisfu. [endtext]
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